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Easter Sunday

Published April 24, 2011 by Charlotte

Recently they paved a path around the Arlington ball fields (near our house). It leads into the Arlington Nature Trail (which I didnt even know was there) and is a nice little paved trail to ride on.  It’s kind of like a little park with benches & grills.  Maybe we’ll walk up there one weekend and grill out some burgers.  ;)  (Hubby is the GrillMaster!)

Speaking of Hubby, today we rode our bikes up to said ball fields and rode on the old & new trail.  (I never fell off my bike… even once.)  The weather; although a little muggy (normal), is darn near perfect.  The breeze kept us (fairly) cool and I got a little much-needed Sun.  Thennn… just to TOP OFF the day, when we get home I realize that Fast & Furious (4th installment) is on the Telly.  Shit yeah!  Just in time to get me ready for this weeks most-awesome Fast5!  *geeking*  Yep… I’m that person.  I love the cars.  The bad talk.  The girl on girl.  The hot guys.  The cars.  The fighting.  Oh, & catching the bad guys.  AnD to make Fast5 even ‘more’ better… my baby daddy THE ROCK will be on the big screen with Vin & Paul. 

hahaha… LIFE IS GOOD!

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