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Meeting 2013

Published January 1, 2013 by Charlotte

Hello 2013!  My name is Charlotte.  Nice to meet you.

As you may know we’ll have the pleasure of each other’s company for the next 364 and a half’ish days.  Enticing, I know.   However, before we begin there are some things you need to know.

You have some pretty big shoes to fill my friend.  2012 really threw some curve balls.  Sorry for the baseball analogy but, without detail(s), that’s the best I can assume to describe her.

To be honest, 2012 isn’t your biggest obstacle.

Perception, Expectation.

Those… those’ll getcha.

You can’t control ’em.  There’s no forecast to be made as you’ve no data to go on.  And, most importantly, they are appropriately audacious & irrevocable, en masse.

I hope to wake up & great you every day this year.  I’m not a morning person.  You’ve been warned.

You’d think that waking up every day would be enough to consider you “Job Well Done”… but alas, I am but human.  As such, I do have some expectations of you as well.  I’ve made you a short list, because, it’s what I do.

Charlotte’s Expectations for 2013.  You’re welcome.

  1. Be good to me.  Try not to suck.
  2. Take your time, no need to hurry.  Except on Mondays, Tuesdays & some “special occasions”.   To be designated by me, ad-lib.
  3. Be as good to my family and friends as you will to me.
  4. See way with Mother Nature to wreak a little less havoc this year.  I know she’s scary and all but you’re a whole year… you got this!
  5. Enjoy yourself.

I hope we’re friends at the end of this journey 2013.  Nothing would make me happier than to spend our last night together in revelment and debauchery!

Now, lets go have a drink…

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