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Published September 1, 2011 by Charlotte

Most of you probably don’t know this but I love design.  Yes, alot of us ladies, and gents,  watch HGTV and get inspired to repaint a room or at least rearrange furniture.  I’ve went so far as to create an album full of pictures from magazines, etc of items ie: furniture, shoes, accessories, that inspire me and that I would love to incorporate their texture, color, or actual pieces into the rooms of our home one day.  I also read a couple design blogs and follow designer Genevieve Gorder on twitter and Design Star.  And yes, I have geeked out everytime she responds to a question of mine on twitter.  Lol.  Genevieve has been a favorite designer of mine since back in the “Trading Spaces” days and I think it’s awesome that she takes the time to respond to her fans.  And I log many an hour a week watching design shows to get ideas for future projects. 

One of the blogs I stumbled upon is called The House of Turquoise.  The link is in case you want to check it out.  The blog writer is a self proclaimed lover of the color turquoise; hence the blog name.  Tonight I was perusing the site when I came across the bedroom of my dreams.  The thing is, I didnt even know it until I seen it.  Here’s a picture or three for you to get an idea what it looks like. 

So… what do you think?   There might be a couple things I’d leave out or change but if I could pick up this bedroom & plunk it down in my house right now I’d be thrilled & might never want to move. 

 We have a pretty large master bedroom and I’ve wanted to paint it a dark color (understanding I’ll have to repaint if we ever decide to sell) for awhile now.   This… this is the room I want. 

Here is the intro to the blog post with the designer information, etc.

 This posh bedroom designed by Lauren Guarcello of Porter Design Company and photographed by Peter Rymwid was in the Stately Homes By The Sea Show House in Red Bank, New Jersey. I love the fresh approach she took to the sophisticated room. The China Seas Lyford Blue on Tint fabric from Quadrille is absolutely beautiful here and I just love the collection of turquoise paintings by Brisbane artist and designer Kerri Shipp of Driftwood Interiors. They just pop on the gorgeous paper weave wallpaper from Thibaut! Such an inspiring space!

Inspiring indeed!

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