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We’re 8 days in…

Published January 9, 2013 by Charlotte

…and so far 2013 sucks balls.  And not in a good way! What had happened wuz…

On Thursday,  January 3rd, 2013 6:30pm’ish I was sitting in traffic, mind fuming after what turned out to be a SHIT-TEE day at work and #BAM#, this chick rear ends me.  WTF right?!  

Well, It’s 5 days later and I’m still driving a busted up car, my neck hurts like whoa!  I’ve been nauseated the entire time (which I freakin’ HATE).  I’ve had 2 x-rays and  a cat scan.  Thats two Dr’s office copays $25 ea, ER copay $200, 1 day and 3 hours missed of work $1, 4 Rx $26, and who knows what the cat scan is going to cost.  Oh and did I mention it’s getting ready to storm it’s ass off here?  Uh huh.. rain & wind.  !Flip side!  The temps will be 15 degrees warmer (to 50’s).  I hear my flip flops callin’!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!

How can I be happy?  See… the thing is… my good friend T talked me into starting up a FSA eFlex account with a debit card.  Swiped that thing to death this last 5 days!  Boom!  Paid.  Just like that!  Ok.. maybe not “just” like that.  But almost.  See, the money comes out of my paycheck every week pre-tax.  Since I chose to put in a solid (grand) it’s like $25 a pay period I think.  Anyway, even if you haven’t paid in the whole thousand (or whatever amount you choose), come January 1 you can swipe it and use it all up.  Of course, if you think you’re going to leave your company’s employment in the following 12 months I wouldn’t recommend swiping it gone in January.  (oops… there went your whole last paycheck!)

Back to what this post is originally about… Having the FSA helps me keep all my record keeping straight.  It keeps me from being in a hissy over money I don’t have but need.  These two items alone have kept me from losing my temper (much) and shankin’ a bitch.  Yes, I did roll my eyes at the insurance rules that seem to be against me instead of for me, but I didn’t curse anybody out!  Why?  I’m less stressed.  Hey, even 20% is less.

Oh, and I just want to put it out there that I think it was very unfair of the first 2 days of January to pretend like everything was going to awesome.  #JustSayin’

8 days in…

8 days in…

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