Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work in the snow I go

Published December 7, 2011 by Charlotte

This being my 1st week back after 4 months off was punctuated by my having to drive to work this morning in the hubub of Memphis traffic with snow flakes bouncing off the windshield. Memphians have no idea how to deal with any type of weather other than dry, warm and high humidity. The first squeek about it from the weather person and all hell breaks lose at the grocery store. Really? Snow has never lasted more than a few days in the 12 yrs I’ve lived here. The floods from April ’11 lasted longer.

With snowflakes cascading down 3 weeks before Xmas everyone is in a tedder about hating it or loving it. Twitter was ablurr this morning about school children grumbling all the way to school and teachers wondering how to keep their own focus let alone 30 children’s. The DJ on Hot 107.1 hurriedly announced the half dozen or so wrecks mostly on major highways (no surprise there) while confirming Memphians non-driving selves. Even the talk in the ladies room revolved around road conditions and folks driving.

Our Fave weatherman (one @joeysulipeck on Twitter) says it should stop around noon which is good news for those who will be driving around later on today.

Good news is the snow doesn’t appear to be sticking to the pavement and some grass is still peeking through.
Welcome to the wacky weather of Memphis Tennessee!




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