Happily Ever After

Published October 18, 2011 by Charlotte

From the lover of words San Diego Momma ~ Prompt Tuesday…. Meanwhile… for today’s writing prompt… Let the music marinate a bit, and then write starting with this line:    “I hadn’t seen him since high school…” 

(Feel free to change the gender.)

——————————————————- prompt tuesday ———————————————————-

I hadn’t seen him since high school.  I remember him being baby-faced cute & quiet.  He began dating a girl I’d known since probably Kindergarten our Senior year if not before.  They’d married out of high school & had 2 kids & were still living life in the city we all grew up in. 
Since we didn’t tend to run in the same circles I had to think a bit to recall him when my girlfriend from high school told me she’d met him (again).   They hit it off immediately…  Learned they enjoyed each other’s company and the comfortable’ness of it.  Then things start to change in both of their lives and even though they try to maintain their friendship it began to get difficult and they part ways. 
Life is a great teacher of how to do things the right way.
In life you have to go through the bad to be able to appreciate the good when it comes your way.   Life made a way for him to make the choice to take a chance and make a change in his life.  He embraced it!
Fast forward a few months…. I flew into town to spend my 40th birthday with (most of) my girls from high school.  They meet me at the airport with a sign & warm greetings.  I am pleased when I see him with his arm around my friend and a smile ear to ear on both of their faces.  Oh yes, they were excited to see me… but they are in LOVE.  <3
He is just as quiet as I remember and even more handsome.  But he’s also funny, witty & kind.  Since my friend and he had moved in together they invited me to stay with them.  I, of course, accepted.  They were  wonderful hosts even going so far as to get my favorite treats from the store so I’d enjoy my time there as much as possible.  We all laughed, caught up, told stories & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for my very short time there.  It was most wonderful to see my friend as happy as I think I’d ever seen her.
Life seems to go by so fast as you get older…
Fast forward almost a  year… They were married in a small, beautiful ceremony at the beach.   There are times we have to get out of our own way so happiness can find us.  I am so pleased that everything worked out for my friends & truly believe they will live happily ever after!

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