A Must-See Documentary

Published September 3, 2011 by Charlotte

Did you know the Government has been providing legal medical marijuana to folks since 1976?

marijuana blunt 2000

High. The true tale of American Marijuana. See this documentary and a few more with good info. Link here http://iloveweed.net/2010/05/top-11-marijuana-documentaries-with-videos/

Even though marijuana has such a negative connotation surrounding it, there are proven medicinal properties that make it almost a necessity for say cancer patients or patients with glacoma.

It's a myth that just because someone might smoke a hootie they're trash, don't pay their bills, or are a criminal. Every one I know who smokes (and it's alot more than you think) have decent jobs, houses, cars, relationships, pay their bills on time and eat well. Can that be said of alcoholics, meth or crack heads? I think not.

So get your head out of your ass, stop thumbin' your Bible & understand that it's natural and even if it's not to be smoked it can be made into many other items such as paper or clothes.

Own any hemp stuff?

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