My apology to sports

Published August 13, 2011 by Charlotte

I want to make a formal, in-your-face apology to all the sports teams that I claim to be a fan of.  Yes.  Claim.  (See below).

For as long as I can remember I have been a Carolina Tarheels, Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Yankees and Penske Racing fan. I don’t know what drew me to most but I’ve been unwavering even in the awful seasons. {No bandwagon here.}

I started liking UT Vols after falling in love with this great state. {Bandwagon}. Yes. Even in the awful-awful seasons. 

I don’t have a fave Pro Basketball team. I loved MJ, Rodman, Bird, Barkley, O’Neill… The greats. #likeeverybody.   Except Shaq should’a stuck with basketball.  meh. 

I must also confess that a lot of what sports {or lack of} has depended a lot on who my house mate(s) were at the time. 

I don’t mean to, really. I want to like sports more. I like sports. I collected basketball, baseball and football cards in grade school. {Gave them to Mr. Fox when we graduated 8th grade. I know. I’m a dumbass.}

I want to be excited that football is a GO! *wwwuuuu*  sigh. Nothing. Although, I am excited for the Super Bowl, which is kinda like the Bristol night race; a do not miss!!  Last year was a lot of fun. {I don’t remember anything previous than that, sorry. Limited space up here.}.

Oh, and when, in like 7th grade, we made those wooden cars in shop class.  Yeah, I painted mine Carolina Tarheels Blue.  Sure did. It was Awesome. 

When in 2005 Carl Edwards came on the scene I jumped ship from Penske to follow Carl to Roush.  I like Roush. Or rather, I don’t dislike them.  And who doesn’t love a Mustang?  Shelby GT 500.  65.  So without another thought I slapped a 99 on my back window and a racing we go. 

So what got this whole thing started?  Well.  Carl’s contract came up for renewal.  He’s a successful driver so another establishment was trying to woo him away.  I’ve been staunch in my disapproval of his leaving Roush.  Not so much because of a loyalty to Roush as it was the other team’s drivers.  I didn’t want those people to be Carl’s team mates. {Hater! Right here! No bandwagon.}.  He’s since signed a multi-year deal with Roush.  All is well in the world.  Or is it?  I start to question my loyalty today. Is it that I’m loyal to Carl?  I never said if I could/would follow him if he left.  Or should my loyalty be with Roush?  I’m not such a big fan of the team mates he has now.  Should I have stayed loyal to Penske?  I’m not diggin’ his drivers either.  Soooo “this” spiraled out to my questioning of my loyalties to all sports teams.

The End.



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