Ancient Aliens

Published August 11, 2011 by Charlotte

Have you ever seen the show?   Here’s the website:   

I know most people are at least skeptical regarding Aliens.  Including yours truly.  But there are some things they show on this TV Show that really make you go “hhmmm”.   At the moment they are talking about Joan of Ark.  Lol.  Wonder what Joan of Ark has to do with Ancient Aliens?  Lol.  You’ll have to go look it up!   

If nothing else, Ancient Aliens is a quick history lesson/refresh.  Plus they show tons of places all over the World that would be awesome to visit.  For example:

Hubby & I were just arguing about where the water went after the Earth flooded & Noah’s Ark landed.  This debate started because the show began explaining {that} there are stories of a major flood on Earth in several different religious texts.  So… did a major flood really happen??

Anyway, so this dude back in 1980 says he was lead to write down some binary code after having come upon, with some other soldiers, a UFO



Exploration {of} humanity
52 09′ 42.532”N
13 13’12.69”W
for planetary advan[ce]

The above numbers are the coordinates on Earth, The place? well, what do you know. The coordinates happen to go to a mythical island called “Hy brasil“. Hy brasil is said to be the second Atlantis, an ancient civilization with great technological abilities. Also, if you look this up on google earth, the exact coordinates lead up to 2011-2100 feet under water (makes sense for a “lost” city, right?)

Here’s a link to the youtube video:

Pretty cool…  even if you don’t believe.



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