Animals are better than people

Published July 17, 2011 by Charlotte
When I was a young girl my dog had puppies.  We lived out in the country so they pretty much just ran around everywhere.  One of the puppies was named Bashful.  He would run and hide instead of the tongue-flailing, eyes-wide gallop of his siblings.  One summer afternoon while chasing around the puppies and playing on  & off the car port my Step Dad decided to mow the yard.  He comes out to get on the lawnmower & realizes that some of the puppies had run underneath it.  He screams at me to get them out so he can mow.  I panic and start begging the puppies to come out.  I get all of them out except for Bashful.  I’m bent down begging the puppy to come out when my Step Dad comes back outside.  He starts screaming at me that he’s going to start-up the lawnmower.  I start crying and asking him to wait so I can get the puppy.  We go thru this cycle a couple of times and then tells me to move away from the mower.  I run around the mower and am screaming at him that the puppy is still under the mower.  He starts up the mower and lowers the mower blades.  I ran into the house.  
This is a true story.  And I’m pretty sure it’s part of why I like animals better than people.  And why I have a tendency to want to “save” any animals that cross my path.  Sigh.  This whole “looking into self” thing sucks sometimes.
Please donate to help – ASPCA
Please go here to donate – HSUS




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