30 day Song Challenge – Days 2 – 5

Published May 27, 2011 by Charlotte

Yeah Yeah I haven’t blogged!  I came here to blog but realized I would have to research the Rules for this Challenge again and it was just more than my mind was ready to do.  Lol.  I promise to do better.  In order to view/hear the songs (it will take you to youtube.com) click on the links in RED


Rules:  {I’d not call them rules but more a daily soul search}

day 01 – your favorite song – See my May 23rd blog post

day 02 – your least favorite song – There’s not many songs I dislike.  I’m not a big fan of Polka and I don’t really listen to Country anymore.  Hm.. There is one song that comes to mind Can you guess this song?
day 03 – a song that makes you happy –  This song always makes me happy
day 04 – a song that makes you sad – I always CRY when I listen to this song.
day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone – Wow… there’s A LOT!

a. This one is old school – Back When I was more Saint than Sinner

b.  And My Mama loves this song!

c. Again from the 90’s – My Seester Karren loves these guys!  {who doesn’t right?!}

d. To the most Amazing Man EVER – My Husband

e. This song has always reminded me of my child hood friend Lisa Harbin-Smith

f.  For my Daddy Rest In Peace

g. This is for my cousin Stacey – who had the baddest assed Nova around. I donno why this song reminds me of that car (and thusly Stacey) unless it was playing the day that he drove me home from school (God that car was badass!)

………. That’ll do. 

Peace, Luv & 420




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