Fast5 – movie preview

Published May 1, 2011 by Charlotte

Today Hub’s, our friend T-Rex & I went to go see “Fast5”. Mostly at my insistence. I love (fast) cars. I love shoot ’em up, bang ’em up movies. If there’s cursing, half-naked chicks & drug references even better. Yeah…. I like dude movies. It’s the Tomboy in me. #NASCAR

I wasn’t excited for the Fast movies 2-4. They were ok and the 4th one was a little better than 2 or 3. When I found out that my baby daddy Dwayne Johnson had grown a goatee & was the “man in uniform” in this version I was counting down the days til it opened here in Memphis. Imagine my surprise when the IMAX at Pink Palace decided NOT to show Fast5. I am extremely disappointed! Especially now that I viewed it on a regular size movie screen. Shame on your IMAX!!

Now… onto the Preview.

The Good:
This is the best acting that Dwayne Johnson has done. It kind of reminds me of his “The Rock” character which would explain why it was good (Familiar) acting.

The “sneaky part” of the movie I actually didn’t figure out ahead of time. That’s pretty rare.
The arguing between Tyrese & Ludacris is kinda funny.
The “car chase” scene was pretty good. Sneaky.

The cars were just ‘eh
The story line was just ‘eh and kinda predictable
No sex scenes
Lots of killin’s – but unexciting
Script was just “ok”
Dwayne had one to many clich’ed parts of script
Vin Diesel is a terrible actor that even his hotness can’t hide but at least he’s cute to look at

It kind of reminded me of “Gone in 60 seconds” meets “Oceans 11”. Except not as good as those. But considering it’s fast cars, guns, cops & robbers…. it was alright.


One comment on “Fast5 – movie preview

  • In a way I disagree with your review. LOL
    I liked the cars, yeah no sex scenes I know, The Rock looked stiff (no pun intended) and Vin…Vin, I think he did a great job.
    Tyrese, Ludacris, Don Omar and Tego (the hispanic characters), were to me the funniest characters. Of course when they started arguing in Spanish I was the only one laughing in the theater.
    Over all it was an entertaining movie and I enjoyed it very much.
    I do like your review about it but I thought I point out some of my view, LOL.
    Good job girl

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