The coolest thing just happened….

Published April 12, 2011 by Charlotte

So if you don’t twitter this might be a really boring post. And if you don’t know who Mary McCormick is this will be a boring post. But those 2 things aside… The coolest thing just happened!!

My girlhood friend and I both tweet. And we both like the tv show In Plain Sight. I even confessed to a girl crush on Star, Mary McCormick.

So today I noticed that my phone buzzed a couple times kind of close together. That normally means someone I follow on twitter is, well, tweeting. I grabbed my phone thinking it to be a Nascar reporter, my SoCal net friends or maybe Charlie Sheen (was on the bandwagon from the start!) had finally woken up and was spewing his Sheenius. (I can’t help it. They’re funny! #winning).

In actuality it was none other than the Mary McCormick. So.. I sent her a tweet….

@marycmccormack would you say *Hi* to my friend @lizzylynnlooloo (and me too?!) We love #IPS

Yup. I feel like a complete dweeb. Ha!! ;) But my friend doesn’t know and she’ll see it bc tweets go to her ph as SMS too. I think… maybe… or maybe she has the twitter app… but whatevz!  Anyway…

I was thinkin’…. Sooo what if, maybe… just maybe… what if Mary does see my tweet?  She might respond and LizzyLynn would be (so) excited. Or at least I’m hoping so.

Huh? No, I wasn’t thinking of myself… At all.

Bawhahaha! Uh Erm.

So anyway… My phone doesn’t go off after about 5 mins so I stop flicking my eyeballs to it every 10 seconds and wave it off as not going to have happened anyway. For the next 5 mins I flick my eyes about every 40 seconds or so then I really write it off.

I pick my phone up not even 15 mins later and see this…

marycmccormack: Hi to you both! RT @CharKuhtz: @marycmccormack would you say *Hi* to my friend @lizzylynnlooloo (and me too?!) We love #IPS

Yes. We are both totally geeking out. Hahahahaahaa!!!!!! This made my and her day. And before that they’d been pahritty shitty. No pun intended on my side.

Peace Luv & 4.20



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