does my foot look swollen? (Seriously)

Published April 6, 2011 by Charlotte

For the last several days my foot has hurt.  Because of Fibro I just ignored it and took a goody.  Well 2 days ago I noticed that it was hurting as in swollen hurting (when skin gets too tight).  I checked my sugar and it was in the 160’s.  Too high, yes I know.  I drank alot of water & soon after was time for my meds.  So today I decide to not only drink about a cup of sweet tea, I drank a 16oz (or maybe 12oz) bottle of apple juice.  AND last night I ate some buttered popcorn sprinkled with coarse sea salt.  *YUM* .  Drank alot of water before going to bed.  (Got up twice to go pee.  Popcorn was still work it!)  Drank some water today (probably 12 oz or so).  I took my sugar about 2 hrs ago.  255.  Yes.  Went UP.  It’s gotta be that damn Caramel Cream Pudding.  Those damn sneaky snack packs.  Ok and it was the tea & apple juice.  But probably mostly the snack pack(s).  (Plural)

So… does my foot look swollen?  Bruised?  Injured? Now you have to discern between FAT and Swollen! And no comments about my polish-less nails. I am in between colors at the moment and in dire need of a pedicure. If you’d like to donate to this cause please go here.

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One comment on “does my foot look swollen? (Seriously)

  • Certainly is more swollen than the right one. Even the ankle is swollen. I have the same thing going on. Sometimes is depends if I’ve been sitting a long time with no socks on, or weather change. I see a wrinkle in the right foot but not on the left, so its definately swollen. Put some tight socks on when your sitting for a long time. Might be water.

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