Life changes in an instant

Published March 28, 2011 by Charlotte

My poor Peanut…

So technically this isn’t my blood relative.  She is only my Grandbaby in my heart. 

Laura Lee’s Mom… Kimber…  was the youngest of 4 step kids I had while married to her Dad back in the 90’s.   She called me “Mom” the entire time her Dad and I were together.  Kimber and I kept in contact over the years with me even driving to TX to see Laura 5 weeks after she was born.   

Well… Kimber drove 8 hrs last Thurs night/Fri morning from where she lives in East TN to my house – first time ever – with a 10 mo old baby. They got here at 5 am.  We chatted and hit the bed.  It was around lunchtime the next day I ran and got ibuprofen for Laura since she was tired/cranky/teething.  My “Daughter” Kimber said “I hope her legs not broken.”  I said “It’s not broken… there’s no bruising etc.”  So after an hr of ibuprofen not working & she wouldn’t put any weight on that leg… we drove her to the ER where they quickly admitted her. They drove her a cpl hrs later to LeBonheur Children’s Hosp in an ambulance and kept her there Fri night thru Wed because DCS said it was child abuse because she had a buckled femur.  Since the child was only with the parents and baby daddy’s parents then someone in those 4 people had to know what happened to this baby.  Yet the only response is “I don’t know”.  They’ve had custody taken away for 6 weeks and have to attend parenting classes.  They’ve gotten a lawyer. 

I… am sick.  Heart broken.  Devastated.



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