Fibro is #winning

Published March 14, 2011 by Charlotte

*Warning… Lots of whining going on here. Lol*

Yeah yeah… I know people are getting sick of hearing #Winning from Mr Sheen’s outbursts…. but it tickles me and today I’m giving in to that indulgence. Lol.


I had thunk for many yrs that I had arthritis or bursitis. Have even been diagnosed with bursitis in my shoulder/elbow.
In ’05 and again in ’07 I was hospitalized with Sepsis. (infection in the blood stream) It was BAD… as in I almost died bad. After the 2nd hospitalization I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and GERD. I’d never had any stomach issues (minus normal stuff) and never hurt in the places that now were giving me grief. How is this possible? How am I 37 yrs old and BAM I suddenly have these issues that were non existent (so I thought) before? My life changed in an instant. I have also lost 2 very close friendships along the way because they chose to believe me a hypochondriac instead of learning about my syndrome/disease/whatevs. I’ve almost lost my job because of attendance. (Still may if the Dr ofc doesn’t get my FMLA finished). My poor Husband has to deal with all this and does so w/o a negative word. (which I do not take for granted). I am ALWAYS exhausted. Not just tired… exhausted. I take some sort of OTC pain med almost every single day and on bad days I take the dreaded Lortab (that gives me headaches/itchy’ness). It has stopped me from doing things, going places… it’s taken over my life. *sigh*

Just so you get an idea of what all can happen…

Here is a list of common symptoms that can occur along with fibromyalgia from Dr. David Dryland.
Found here

chronic sinus pain
yeast infections
painful fluid retention in the ankles and feet (edema)
headaches (including migraines)
plantar fasciitis (tendonitis in the arches of the feet)
other instances of tendonitis and bursitis
growing pains
painful menses
fibrocystic breast disease
frequent colds
morning stiffness
muscle twitching
insect bit allergies
ingrown toenails
adverse reactions to meds
dry skin
dry eyes and/or mouth
premenstrual syndrome
temporomandibular joint syndrome
sore throat
restless leg, restless sleep
increased sensitivity to allergens
confusion or difficulty concentrating
easily irritated skin
feeling too cold or too hot
sensitivity to bright lights or loud noises
intense taste or smells/odors
discomfort in crowds
Irritable bowel syndrome

Nice huh? And I have 75% of these issues. Seemingly all unrelated to one another. AND they didnt add Depression to that list. You get so tired of being sick and tired that you get depressed on top of already being depressed and being depressed gets your stressed and stress flares up the Fibro which makes you feel bad and gets you depressed. GAH. See the cycle?

So today I am having a bad flare day. I should have known because the last 2 days my body has had real tender spots (top of my Tibia for example) and yesterday I had to fight nausea all day. I’m learning a little at a time what to look for and what to expect. One day I’ll have a handle on it.. until then the fight continues.

AND… I said all this blah blah blah to say… if someone you know has a “condition” we’ll call it… no matter what it is… please do yourself and them a favor and educate yourself. Don’t assume they’re full of shit, can just get over it, it’s no big deal, etc. Even if it doesn’t seem that big of a deal to you it might be for the person you care about. And if you realize that your attitude is one of “whatever”… Just leave the person alone. Apparently they arent as important to you as you let on. (Not judging.. just sayin’)



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