Why? Clowns, Jesus & being Gay.

Published February 9, 2011 by Charlotte

I wonder:

Why Clowns freak my shit out.
How all those people get in that phone booth w/o at least one with stinky breath and one with stanky ass.
How that dude in the row in front of me at WWE didnt know he’d shit his pants.
How much coke did Stone Cold do before smashing beer cans on his noggin?
Why did Tupac have to die?
How come Sean Combs can’t just be Sean Combs?
If Nature can invent a flying snake why is there no cure for cancer?
Someone explain to me why the Amazon is being cut down.
Is global warming really real?
Will the world end in my lifetime?
Is Jesus/God real?
Is the Devil real?
I see the glass as half empty which means it’s half full.
Why can’t I find my career love? my muse? this HAS to be a way to make money for me.
Are ghosts real?
Why do revolving doors give me the willies? I avoid those bitches!
I can drive a car at a high rate of speed in heavy traffic but I can’t get on an elevator without worrying.
My office space has to be neat, clutter free, clean and organized. Thats where it stops. Why?
Why I still miss my camaro?
How did Fergie get Josh Duhamel?
What does E=MC2 really mean?
Do you think it’s a travesty that Steven Hawking can not speak?
Do you think God did it because Steven Hawking is smarter than he should be?
How do you convince so many people around the world to follow an imaginary person in the sky w/o question, with complete loyalty & faith like they’ll not even give their own family?
Why do so many people have to die because of someone who does not live?
Where is the US going to be in 20 years?
Where will it be in 2?
Is it because I’m not much taller than they are that I dont feel the need to stare at a midget?
Why do I always feel like I have to take on everyone’s emotions as my own? Can it be stopped?
Am I really saving energy by spending more money on light bulbs that I dont know will last longer?
Why are so many people pissed at using the abbreviation for Xmas? It’s an abbreviation.
Who is even going to care that I wrote all this?
Why do I care who cares?
How is it the insides of our ears itch?
Why do our pinkies fit inside our nostrals so well if not for digging?
Why is it I dont really collect anything? Almost everyone I know collects something.
Why can’t I think highly of myself?
What is my natural hair color?
Do our teeth keep growing?
Why does our nose continue to grow?
How do people who’d never done anything to cause damage to their lungs die of lung cancer? While others who’ve smoked their whole lives just lose a lung and keep on going to die of natural causes?
Are people really born gay? (I believe so)
How do you make perfume? Why can’t anybody do that instead of paying some damn designer to say what I like? Fuck her.
We can’t inhale pot smoke w/o going to jail, but you can huff bleach, carpet cleaner, wasp spray, or flat wall paint in the comfort of your home.
Do we really know whats good for us? Or is the US Government telling us what we want to hear and none of what we don’t. Or rather, what they want us to hear. And none of what they don’t.
Did Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on purpose?
Does Mother Nature work part time as Karma?
Is there such a thing as Karma?
Why does something that goes around come back around? Why can’t it just keep on going? Why can’t it go half way and fall down?
If it’s so “bad” for blacks and whites to breed why are their children gorgeous? (hello Halle Berry)
Have you ever wondered why you’re really being detoured?
Why do Larry & I not have a song???
Why Larry always fucks up my ideas. Gggrr. (Inside joke)
How many cooties are in the bathroom in a Las Vegas bathroom? I’ll give ya guess and it cant possibly be a high enough number.


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