Frustration on a leash

Published January 18, 2011 by Charlotte

I was just telling a friend yesterday that Tuesdays are the worst. It’s not even half way thru the week. The next day isn’t Friday and the previous day wasn’t Sunday. The WORST. Just to make sure that I wasn’t lying this particular Tuesday sucked ass.

To say that I am in need of a new job is like saying Joan Rivers should lay off the botox. “Why not find another job then? Duh!” I can hear you say. Well. If it were that simple.

Lets not even take into account I have no college degree (no money for college now and can’t get financial aid/approved for a grant). Or the fact that unemployment is somewhere around 9% in the Memphis area. (as of Nov 2010.) Or the fact that I have health issues which cause me to require FMLA so as to not lose my job over attendance. Leave out that I can’t NOT have insurance at any point due to Pre-existing conditions for both myself and the Hubs. Nope. Lets not factor in any of that. (ok, maybe a little.)

So, whats the real issue you wonder?

I have been working in a call center since the start of 2000. Once you get into a call center it’s hard to get out. (I didnt say impossible.) It’s what you do. It’s what you know.

Employers offering different types of jobs don’t even bother to call. (Yes, I am qualified to work in an office.) Yet 3 of the companies that have call centers want to pay you $2 less an hr. Oh and you have to work weekends. And Holidays. And won’t have a designated desk (this sucks people). You will have more work and less training. Oh and your job will be moved to India, Panama, Michigan or somewhere else you don’t want to move to in less than 5 years. Oh and they dont offer retiree medical. No pension plan. Anddd you may or may not get a bonus yearly. And nada for Christmas. Not even a turkey. Not even a GFY.

Do you know what it’s like to sit 8 hours a day with a headset strapped to your head and a person’s voice on the other end of the line? Almost and sometimes continuously? It’s HELL. It makes you enjoy peace and quiet like you’ve never enjoyed it before. You’ll sit on the shitter for an extra 30 mins and read your Kindle (insert trademark symbol) just to not have to LISTEN. Butt ring anyone?!

I havent even touched on what it’s like to sit in a 3′ x 3′ cube where you can hear/see/smell everyone & everything around you. Or that you have to share the kitchen with 300+ people, some of whom you SEE not wash their hands after they took a shit in the stall right beside you. (Skip a stall people!)

Throw in some office politics, favoritism, racism (not necessarily color based), the flu bug & stringent rules made by people who couldn’t do your job if you helped them and thats my job in a handbasket.

I must be a masochist to continue to do this….


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