Published September 12, 2010 by Charlotte

* I prefer Usher single. His music is SO much more bettah
* That lil white guy beside Usher was workin’ it… Lol
* Niki Minaj has some ASS & & those are two of my fave girls at the moment
* Eminem <3 Yay!!
* Is it just me or is that fucking mouse thing CREEPY?
* I <3 Josh Duhamel
* I do not like Jared Leto & he sucked just now
* Who’s this? Omgosh.. love her hair… so pretty red
* Wow those girls dancing around her are really good *clapping
* I’m kinda confused about the theme.. is it the different generations?? Maybe? And a Congregation!
* WTF? I mean I really like that song but they should’a busted into the commercial after chick quit singing…
Pharrell <3
* Holly SHIT Ciara …. I think she could give Shahkira a run for her.. OMG there's a green Camaro! <3 Swoon <3
* Is that a girl in that striped shirt???
* I like that outfit Lady Gaga… This is the most I’ve ever seen of her.
* I hope Taylor Swift always stays herself
* Mary J Blige <3
* I wish I had just the moneys worth Mary J is wearing in jewelry. Cute purple nail polish too.
* Rhianna *shaking my head*
* That was a weird cut to commercial
* Hoo-lee-shit somebody get me some Gucci Guilty
* Good thing she’s hot Columbian b/c that whole skit was stupid
* The brown thing looks like darth vader but brown
* And who’s dressing these freakin’ people?
* WHO the HELL is that?
* I want a droid
* and some Gucci Guilty
* I still like Linkin Park even after that performance
* If somebody wants to buy me Iron Man deuce I’ll accept it
* All that laughing was stupid and thats how they bring in Kanye West??
* I know Kanye the person is a weirdo but he’s a fucking genius in the music word & geniuses are usually weird.
* Whats with the ballerina’s?
Kanye Kanye Kanye

I love Chelsea Handler… Yeah my friend Shannon could totally have that job….



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