Insomnia Karma’s Cuz?

Published August 24, 2010 by Charlotte

Karmas a bitch

Apparently so is her sister Insomnia.

Tonight I woke up fitfully…  fighting sleep.  But the pain.  Suddenly the fog in my mind clears and I realize that I am in a lot of pain.  So much pain that I have got to get out of bed RIGHT NOW.  This isn’t the “take 2 Tylenol” and go back to bed kind of pain.  This is the pace the house, mudder under your breath, think about what you have to do tomorrow, rub your arms, legs, head, hands, fingers, back only to realize that touching them only makes the pain worse.  And whats with the headache and jaw pain.  Ah. I bet the jaw pain is from clenching my teefs in my sleep b/c of being in pain.  Do you remember what it was like to have growing pains?  I mean really remember?  Imagine being 40 years old… waking up in a sweat… and your whole body is in a growing pain.  You lay there and toss and turn and try to get comfortable.  Sometimes I’m so exhausted I can roll over onto the arm that hurts the worst and when it eventually goes numb I am able to go back to sleep.  Tonight however… the pain was so intense I was wide awake.  It kinda scared me a little coming from being asleep to realizing my whole body ached.  All is well tho.. I’m up and have taken some Naproxen.  That should work.

I hear the train going by.  Always reminds me of my Dad’s place.  The first night I stayed with him in 1990 I didn’t realize he lived “THAT” close to the train tracks until being woken from sleep thinking the damn thing was coming thru the house.  That took some getting use to. Lol.

Aaahh… tonight is the Full Moon.  That explains a lot.  Storms, the Moon, humidity, cold all affect me.  Effect me?  Gosh I never remember which one to use.  Ok Language lesson later.  But they all take their toll.  Just like when on a full moon all of the Alzheimer’s patients get restless in a nursing home.  I too get restless. 

The pain has gone to a dull throb.  I think with a goody powders and 20 more minutes I should be good to go.  Oh and if you are going to get some goodys – which cures toof aches – migraines – will blind you if snorted (don’t ask) – body aches & pains – get the orange ones.  Swoosh it around with some water or Southern Sweet Tea.  Umm.  Not too shabby at’tall. 

Back to bed I go… Hopefully I won’t be back til much later.

Peace Luv & 420



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